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Jenny Wigram - Chartered Physiotherapist

Welcome to Ashburton Physio

Welcome to Ashe Physiotherapy Ltd, situated one mile north of Ashburton, Devon, and enjoying both privacy and peace.

Physiotherapist Jenny Wigram has run her own practice for over 26 years. Highly experienced in exercise and manual therapy, she firmly believes in hands-on treatment as a means to successful rehab.

Jenny is registered with the Health Professions Council, a regulator set up to protect the public.

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Ashe Physiotherapy

Ashe Physiotherapy

Ashe Physiotherapy Ltd - your first choice because:

Jenny uses the highest quality treatment, to get you better and back to normal activities in the shortest time possible.

You will normally be seen within 24 - 48 hours of first contact. The earlier you are seen, the quicker your body will heal.

Jenny offers a wide-range of treatment modalities, which are up-to-date and, where possible, evidence-based. You are in safe hands.

You will learn self-treatment and management, empowering you in the healing process. Your treatment should therefore cost you less, especially as recurrence of your injury or condition is less likely.

Jenny is passionate about physiotherapy. She believes that it is the EXTRA she puts in which makes physiotherapy EXTRAordinary.

She works closely with other health professionals, including GP's and hospital consultants. She is registered with all major health insurance companies.

She has 35 years' wide-ranging experience in the physiotherapy world.

Treatments include:

  • Back problems including sciatica
  • treatment for neck pain, headache, dizziness, whiplash
  • shoulder pain management
  • neural mobilisation for trapped nerves
  • hip, knee, ankle and foot problems
  • sports and performing arts injuries
  • postural re-education and life-style advice
  • adolescent and children's conditions, as well as care of the older person
  • stress-related conditions
  • overuse injuries
  • fractures and post-surgery rehab
  • biomechanical assessments
  • management of arthritic conditions
  • By use of:

    Manual therapy, including soft-tissue massage, joint mobilisations, fascial work and, occasionally, high-velocity manipulation (for which Jenny has specialist training);

    Dynamic movement screening, functional exercise and rehab;

    Acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound, TENS, interferential therapy and a range of taping techniques.